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60 minute sessions- $45.00
90 minute sessions- $60.00
Group rates & Private Workshops also available (Call 720-982-8694 and leave a message)

Upcoming Trainings, Workshops & Continuing Education Courses:

Anatomy, Asana & Sequencing (30 hour CECs) Coming Soon! -Sliding Scale available
In-depth information on muscular and skeletal systems, how movement applies to yoga poses, and how to create invigorating, beneficial & safe class sequences.  Recorded modules provided to view on your own schedule and final assignment required for course credit.

CREATING A TEACHING DEMO Workshop Coming Soon!- You've completed your certification, but how do you get the opportunity to teach?  This workshop will cover everything from getting your foot in the door to WOWING that potential new employer with your perfectly timed demo that shows off all that you bring to the table.  This information is brought from the perspective of hiring managers in the field!

DEVELOPING YOGA RESEARCH Workshop Coming Soon!- Interested in developing yoga research?  This workshop will review populations, considerations & development of yoga research.  We will also discuss how to initiate the conversation with the appropriate contacts for your goals in research!

YOGA IS UNION Workshop Coming Soon!- 5-week course is in progress!
Explore the deepening union through yoga with this donation-based course.  This course was developed for our recently published research showing the benefits of yoga.  Each week builds to a deeper, more expansive connection.  Join the course live, or watch recordings!

Past Trainings & Workshops

Our first training was a success!  The seminar kicked off with a reflective walk around the lake as participants contemplated what they would miss most if... Thank you to all of our courageous and inspiring yoga instructors who shared and showed up with open hearts and minds to serve those who may not even realize that yoga is available to them!

Yoga is Union was a 5 week workshop that brought the student through a 5 class curriculum used in our recently published yoga research study that found yoga helped decrease depression in incarcerated women.  An inspiring journey into self-exploration and deeper connection.

Stay tuned for the next opportunity to join this journey into the union of yoga!

200 Hour YTT Trainee Testimonial:

I took the YTT 200 training with Traci at Yoga Impact Institute in Westminster, Colorado.  I could not have been more happy with the location and trainer I choose!  There was so much I didn’t know about what yoga is and can involve.  I feel I got a very comprehensive training on asanas, philosophy, and additional yoga aspects.   I also felt like I was given the time to absorb, learn, and put into practice everything I was learning with the way classes are set up and had the option to ask questions anytime, in class or out of class.  Traci truly cares about her students and their success in learning what yoga means to her and what each student wants yoga to be for them.  You will not be disappointment in selecting this program for your YTT200 training.
Mariah Tritz
Intrepid Bodyworks
Massage and Yoga