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YOGA IMPACT 200hr Yoga Teacher Training coming

May 2019!!!

Registration deadline extended until
MAY 21st 2019!
Reserve your spot now!

Directed by Traci Lundstrom E-RYT 200, YACEP, Lead Teacher for YOGA IMPACT Colorado RYS

Common Questions:
Will I be able to register with the Yoga Alliance after I have completed my yoga teacher certification? Yes! The instructor, Traci Lundstrom, is the lead trainer for Colorado’s Yoga Impact.  Yoga Impact is a RYS (Registered Yoga School) with the Yoga Alliance since 2008.

Do I need yoga experience before I join the Yoga Teacher Training? It is highly recommended that you have at least a few months of yoga classes before you start. Although there are no strict prerequisites for joining the teacher training, it is very intensive, and you really want to make sure that you are making the right investment in your future.

Can anyone become a yoga teacher? YES! Traci has worked with a variety of demographics and in many different settings. There is a need for a broad spectrum of yoga experiences to be offered to communities - from gentle classes and meditation to intense studio workouts. Yoga is for everyone, and we need a variety of teachers to spread the joy.

Will I be able to work as a yoga teacher? YES! Yoga Impact supports all its trainees to work toward their individual teaching goals.  While possible, it is not very likely that anyone will offer you a full-time job teaching yoga. For most, yoga teaching can be built to be a lucrative second income.

Will I be able to serve? YES! Besides being a training school, Yoga Impact is also a not-for-profit that brings yoga teachings to demographics that don’t have access to yoga. We have programs in Boulder, CO and New Jersey. In Boulder and Broomfield, CO we have a transitional program to help interested inmates use yoga to help them with transition back to their communities. We are always interested in adding more opportunities for our trainees to teach. For local opportunities, please visit and visit the “Yoga Program” page.

Tell me about Yoga Impact: Yoga Impact is a non-profit organization that brings the science and art of a yoga lifestyle to a variety of demographics. The components of a yoga lifestyle include yoga postures, breath work, relaxation techniques, eating well, and following your life's path. We believe that to be most effective we need to train and support yoga teachers who represent a variety of backgrounds. We also support yoga research and community projects, including living spaces that foster healthy lifestyles. Visit for more information.

What is my personal commitment? The personal investment is to your health, happiness and wellness. The teacher training is designed to help us all gain insight into what makes us happy? What is our dharma or life’s path? What do we want for our loved ones and ourselves? How are we contributing to the uplift of our community?

What is the time investment? In addition to the 152 training hours, 28 hours of extra yoga classes and 20 hours of homework, you will be asked to commit to a daily home practice. This can be of your choosing: 5 minutes of breathing and meditation, or maybe stretches and strengthening, or an hour-long practice. What we have seen is that even after 5 minutes of focused breathing, our day-to-day experience is richer and less stressful. Your home practice is the foundation for your teaching.

What is the financial investment? We are fully committed to making this training happen with 5-10 participants. 
• COST-$2000       Pay in full by April 30th and receive a 5% discount!

                              Register with a friend and enjoy $250 off each!!!
                              (Sliding fee scale and/or payment plans available)
• We will provide a list of free yoga classes that you can take to fulfill your yoga class hours.

Do I need to buy books? No. The Keys to Yoga Anatomy by Ray Long and The Heart of Yoga by Desikachar and a yoga mat from Gaiam are included in the price of training.

I would like to talk this over with Traci. How do I contact her?
Email Traci at [email protected] to set up a time to talk.


March 16th-
5 Contact CEC Yoga Alliance Course:

Our first training was a success!  The seminar kicked off with a reflective walk around the lake as participants contemplated what they would miss most if... Thank you to all of our courageous and inspiring yoga instructors who shared and showed up with open hearts and minds to serve those who may not even realize that yoga is available to them!

                                         Other Services


REIKI SESSIONS- $50 per 60 minute session

Personalized YOGA Lessons

Individual lessons- 75 min session
     -In my location (Westminster, CO.)-  $50 per 75 minute session
     -I'll come to your home for extra time and travel compensation

Group Rates available- (rates depending on group size)